Welcome to Killeen Wine & Spirits


Killeen's best independent liquor store.
Located in the heart of downtown Killeen is Killeen Wine & Spirits, your premier source for beer, wine, and liquor.

Our custom designed store is arranged so that you may have the best shopping experience possible.

As we are a family owned and run business we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers complete satisfaction.

In addition to alcohol we also have an extensive range cold drinks in our coolers as well as a soda machine. There is also an aisle devoted to chips, and snacks.

Other facilities on offer to our customers include an ATM, Moneygram, and cigarettes.

Beer Lovers Paradise

If you like your beer cold, and who doesn't, Killeen Wine & Spirits offers you a large selection of single beers from our 32 square foot beer tub, the cans and bottles always submerged in a bed of ice.

The best beer cave in the area.

Then there is the Beer Cave. This room is kept at 32 degrees garaunteeing the coldest of beers. Apart from a wide range of domestic beers we also offer a selection of craft beers and imports from around the world.

The coldest liquor anywhere!

We have a selection of liquor kept in our freezer ready for you.... ice, ice cold!





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